In Transit by Amy Balkin

In Transit is a map that sits on top of the cabspotting data. It overlays statistics, questions, and scenarios across ten sites in and near San Francisco. The project uses the GPS data trails drawn by cabs as a starting point for looking at the city, and trying to find and make social sense of patterns that emerge visually from the data.

Culled from taxi rides, statistics, demographics, conversations, and projections, In Transit wayfinds between existing sites and information, and possible San Franciscos that emerge from the cabspotting visualization.

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Thank you to Charles Rathbone. To find out more about Taxi Labor History in San Francisco, fares, and driver homicide prevention, visit his website - Taxicabs San Francisco

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Taxi City

Taxi City -- San Francisco's street system comprises almost thirty percent of the city's total land area.

a taxicentric San Francisco

In Transit travels a taxicentric San Francisco

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